Advertising. The selling of a dream or idea. One of the most important parts of a business.

Advertising can be split into two different types. The first is the typical direct advertising. TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and now the internet. These are the most upfront ways of getting across whatever message or idea your trying to push. They can be as basic, or as elaborate, depending on what is being sold. More specifically to the double glazing industry, advertising tends to focus more on the cheaper end of the market. The BOGOF’s and the ‘Free Fitting’ offers have cheapened what could have been a market which could have had a more revered image, possibly commanding more sensible, higher prices. However, business’s egos to undercut and win every order has had a detrimental effect on this industry.

The second form of advertising is a bit more subtle. Presentation. And not just how you present the product, but how you present the business, the environment in the building, how you present yourself. Everything you have and everything you do is advertising. All the time you are creating an image and impression for your customers. For example, we wear suits to work. We want to create the most professional image the second we walk into someone’s home or when someone visits us at our showroom. And because we represent the business and the product we sell, our image is advertising our business and product.

We don’t carry around sample windows. How can you tell how that product is going to transform someone’s home from a small sample window, which probably isn’t going to be in that sample style anyway? All our windows and doors in the showroom are fitted into mock brickwork to show off how they would look fitted. A more subtle form of advertising which works subconsciously. All our offices are clean and organised, every customer gets a welcome the second they come in from our reception staff, all to make sure we give the best impression of ourselves. A lot of the above seems quite simple stuff, but yet some or all of it is ignored by a lot of companies, and not just in double glazing.

Advertising is both in your face and subtle. Use the ‘in your face’ marketing to pull people in. Use the subtle ways, the things you say, the way you present yourself and your company, and the way you act to cement a sale. Sometimes that works better than the direct approach.