I don’t know what it is, but my frustration with the utter incompetence of this Government, the last Government and the selfish, greedy banks seems to be over-flowing right now. I can’t keep it in, so like all good bloggers, I’ve sent a message. This first one is to Mr Cameron, and it read as follows:

Hello. I am writing to convey my utter frustration and anger about the current economic situation this country is facing. I’m writing not only on the behalf of a young population that has become utterly disillusioned with politicians and the greedy selfish bankers, but also on behalf of a struggling and stifled SME sector.

Now I understand that the previous Government has a lot to answer for, what with their recklessly high levels of public spending, burdening our younger generation with huge debts for some time. But your cuts are way to fast, and way too much. Your hoping that private sector growth is going to be able to mop up the job losses from the public sector cuts. But I can promise you that it’s not coming. There are too many jobless for the slow growing, if not growing at all, private sector to cope with.

Also, the banks have had a big part to play in all this. Their greed and selfishness has impacted on everyone terribly. You MUST put more pressure on the banks to lend in decent amounts, and you MUST do it now. I fear that this Government, the last Government and the recklessness of the banks have now lost a generation. Well done.

It’s probably not word perfect as the original message I sent because I forgot to save it so I’ve done it all from memory, but it’s pretty much all there in the right order!

I’m going to work on a scathing one for the banks tomorrow when I get the chance. I’m not daft. I don’t expect a reply from either Number 10 or any bank I send this to. But I do hope people read what I have to say and understand why I’m so angry.

People my age are being crippled by the sheer lack of opportunity to get anywhere in life. I’m still living at home like many people my age, without the chance of getting a mortgage for years. Insurance costs are sky high. There’s no job opportunities, there’s nearly 1 million 16-24 year old people out of work. I’m lucky to have had such a smooth transition into work. Wages aren’t high enough and because of all this, our generation is about as turned off to politics as is physically possible.