Right, time to explain what is going on with my site.

As always, I like to give the look of my site a tweak now and then, this is rather a large one. In fact it’s probably the biggest one I’ve done. I had the rainy mountain background and layout for a while, so I though it was time for a change. Blogger has brought out the ‘dynamic view’ layouts which give the site a far more modern and interactive look.

But at first you will notice some items that aren’t there that were on the previous look. My ‘subscribers’ and ‘monthly page views’ gadgets aren’t there, neither is my ‘tag cloud’ gadget, ‘previous comments’ gadget and ‘top read’ gadget. Blogger’s reason for this is that because these templates are new, they are gauging response and feedback, and changes will be made over the coming weeks and months to make sure it’s all integrated properly. 

We’re these gadgets necessary to the site? Did you find them useful? I’d like to know so I know whether or not to revert back to the old site while Blogger works on getting the gadgets back up and running for the new layouts.

I’m still toying around with the colour scheme slightly, so please bear with me on this one until I get it right.

Feedback welcome!