There are a lot of ‘yes men’ in our line of work. Those who say yes to things, but have no intention of following through on their promises.

Take FENSA for example. It was alerted to them that there was a company selling their certificates for £80 a piece. It was totally against their ethical code and when they spoke to me about it they said they would investigate, find the company and rectify the issue. So far I have heard absolutely nothing! Selling these certificates for such a large amount of money really does abuse the trust and faith of the customer in that company. Hence it was an issue I felt strongly about.

Then there is the GGF. The Green Deal is being threatened to be swallowed up by massive UK chains entering the double glazing industry for the first time, Tesco and Homebase for example. Weeks and weeks ago they promised that every company, no matter how big or small they were, would be able to have good access to the benefits the new scheme would bring. They said they had plans either in place, or being developed to make sure the boost would be shared equally. Again, so far, other than a debate about the scheme, I’ve heard absolutely nothing, despite the GGF assuring me they would be working hard to make sure we would all see a benefit.

So, FENSA and GGF. What are you going to do about it? This is a challenge to both of you. Either email me, or come on here and show how you are going to sort out the issues I’ve mentioned above. I won’t let this drop and I won’t let this go away. Both are important issues in my opinion and both deserve a speedy resolution.