Smartphones. Tablet computers. Email. All things which have revolutionized the way in which we all communicate and go about our daily lives.

Indeed, it is having a profound effect on the way people work and operate within the work place. Take Sky News for example. Many of their newsroom staff carry around iPads or other tablet computers which control the bigger media screens used in their shows. Especially when they do their paper reviews on an evening.

It is certainly changing the way double glazing companies go about their business. Paper work has been cut down by the use of email and online ordering, which is a god send to anyone in charge of filing! Sales rep’s are now able to utilize the tablet computer to aid them in their demonstrations either in the home or in the showroom. Instead of using old fashioned brochures and leaflets and window samples, they are now able to put an iPad in a customers hand and let them see all the aspects of their products.

The sales person has less paperwork to worry about as pricing can be done on the move, on screen, then emailed back to the office for confirmation etc. The whole process has been accelerated without compromise on their standard of work.

Technology as also allowed selling to come to the world of Twitter and social media. Manufacturers are now able to contact possible new installers to sell their wares to. Quick, real-time communication has allowed a closer, more personal relationship between installers and their suppliers.

Technology certainly hasn’t saved the industry, paper and pens would still have made the double glazing world turn. But it has given an old fashioned industry a kick up the backside and into the 21st century. In fact, I think it’s one of the industries embracing new technology and social media in all areas of the industry the best. I sometimes complain about the industry being too archaic and old fashioned, but in areas, our industry is one of the best for implementing new technology.