An article in the latest Conservatory Magazine brings the issue of the requirement of a showroom back into focus. The article explains that despite the internet being one of our most powerful marketing tools, the showroom is still a very necessary part of a double glazing business.

I asked a quick question on Twitter this morning: Are

showrooms really dead in this digital age? These are the responses I got:

Never!! People buy from people@Universalarches

NO, people love actually seeing the products in the flesh

and a showroom gives the impression of a stable company!!!@samsimpsonaa

Even Amazon hasn’t been able to kill Curry’s, Comet, HMV Waterstones etc@TheSpares4Guy

No our showroom on main shopping street give customers sense of security and they know where we are. Not just a mobile tel – @StJohnsWindows

No! Even for a systems manufacturer it’s invaluable to show products to trade. it’s a great convincer!@K2Glassroom

Virtual solutions have improved & are a viable alternative now,but there is nothing like a showroom,were very proud of ours – @SynsealTweet

A website does a great job in portraying the company, explaining it’s ethos, showing off the ranges of products they have etc. But when it comes to the point of purchasing, windows, doors and conservatories are still such a specialized product with unlimited options, a showroom is still the very best place for customers to see their options in the flesh and get their hands on what their buying before they have it installed in their home.

The showroom is also a great place for customers to commit to buying. They’re in an environment where they can see the product, the company provides good hospitality (hopefully), changes to specifications on the contract can be made there. From a personal point, a lot of my deals are signed in our showroom.

A showroom is still the heart and soul of the business. Without it, a company doesn’t have the best selling tool in their armory. The best thing for installers to do, would be to integrate online and digital features within the showroom, to create an even more interactive experience.