Doors, Doors And More Doors!

I haven't sold a window in weeks! In fact I may have forgotten how to sell windows! The industry is now moving into it's quiet phase as the buying public gears down from home improvement work and gears up towards Christmas shopping and everything that entails. Obviously there will be those that leave it to [...]

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Our Industry Is Evolving

Today (18th October) I attended a seminar hosted by John Fredericks. Now I have been told that I am not to give away much until the last of the three planned seminars is over, which will be next Thursday. Then I think I can talk about anything I want. But what I can say is [...]

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Door-Stop Reply To Solidor

Well it seems a response has prompted a response. The 'energetic' discussions about the state of the PVC door panel sector have continued as MD of Door-Stop International Nick Dutton has responded to a reply from Gareth Mobley (spelled correctly this time) which was prompted by Nick's initial comments about the state of the sector [...]

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Solidor At Odds With Door-Stop

Well Door-Stop seems to have got Solidor's back up a little. Judging by the Letter To The Editor on the Fenestration News website, Gareth Mobley has been forced to defend the company he works for and the sector he works in. The response was prompted by comments from Nick Dutton of Door-Stop, and thanks to [...]

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Have Composite Doors Plateaued A Bit?

Don't know about you, but have the sales of composite doors gone flat a little bit over the last few months? There was a period last year when all we did was sell composite doors. But now, we have only sold a handful this year so far. Most people that sign up with us actually [...]

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>More Doors

>Let me ask you a question: did you find that you sold more doors than normal?I sold A LOT of doors during the second half of 2011. Maybe people were prioritizing doors above windows as they see doors as more of a security risk. Maybe there were more knackered old doors that needed replacing than [...]

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>DERs Finally Here

>Doors have now joined the ranks of windows, in being judged on an A-G scale of how efficient they are.In my opinion these should have been introduced at the same time as windows. I don't know why it has taken 4 years for it to be implemented.Whilst windows have the A-G scale of judgement, windows can [...]

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>Doors For £800 to £1000

>My most recent poll: How Much Should An Average Door Be Sold For? has finished, and the clear winner, and what most people think is that the average door in this industry should be sold for between £800-£1000. The rest of the results are below:These are how the results were split:£400-£600: 12£600-£800: 3£800-£1000: 23£1000+: 5There [...]

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