Born Bankrupt

Update: this post was written a couple of days ago, before today's good news about the 1% growth in GDP for the last quarter. So please bear this in mind when you read it! Born Bankrupt, a programme made by Sky, was shown again on Monday night. I missed it the first time and so [...]

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UK Is (Finally) Officially Out Of Recession!

The British economy finally has some really good news to shout about! The Office for National Statistics released Q3 figures this morning, and they revealed that the British economy exited recession with 1% in the three months from July to September! Good news! Here's the really positive stuff; we've now come out of the longest [...]

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Click And Collect

Argos today has announced that it is to either close or relocate 75 stores over the next few years as it starts to restructure the business as a more web based company. Obviously the closure of stores is never a great thing as it means jobs would be lost. But for a change, it may [...]

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We Create Our Own Problems

There has been much discussion over the past couple of weeks about pricing both on a national scale and locally. We saw this week the trouble at Uniglaze, which then sparked conversations on here, and on Twitter, about the way the industry goes about it's pricing. Lets face it guys and gals, a lot of [...]

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To Be Made In Britain

Seminars are great places for conversation. They stir the mind and gets the idea pot churning. I got talking to Rob Small, who some of you may know from his Prefix days. He was explaining to me the new venture he has taken and the products he's selling. They're all aluminium from what I could [...]

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Success In 2013 – Diversification And Products

2012 is now starting to come to a close. Wow, can't believe I'm actually writing that! But it is, and as far as a year goes, it's not been bad at all really! At the end of 2011, arguably one of the worst years the industry has ever gone through, the predictions for 2012 weren't [...]

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Scrapping Cash For Scrap

In an effort to reduce the amount of tax that is dodged by people/companies, you will not be able to be paid for your scrap aluminium/steel windows in cash. From 3rd December this year, if you take your old metal windows, lead, copper or anything else you remove from a window job, your choices of [...]

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The Window Industry Outperforming

While me and @GlazingGuru were chewing the cud and putting the world to rights on Saturday, we both came to the conclusion that the recession in this country is probably down to one sector and one sector only - which happens to be one of our biggest ones: construction. Our construction industry, if you can [...]

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Planning Laws To Be Relaxed

New measures to be set out by the Government at some point today will explain how the current planning laws are set to be relaxed, by quite a wide margin, to help boost the economy by helping new homes to be built, and for extensions, conservatories and loft conversions to be granted permitted development and [...]

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Housing Down In The Dumps

On Thursday the CLG (Communities and Local Government) published the latest set of housing figures. And they do not make for happy reading. In the second quarter of this year, new starts stood at just a measly 21,540! That is a full 10% down on the previous quarter! The construction industry really is putting it's [...]

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Fabrication Sector Suffering

Since 2007, one in ten fabricators has given up on fabrication. Anyway you look at that, ten percent is a big number considering the amount of fabricators in business in our industry. Data supplier Windowbase compiled the report, and what is worse is what is in this next paragraph: “Looking back over the five years [...]

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Britain Still In Recession

The Office for National Statistics has just confirmed that GDP in the second quarter of this year fell by a rather chunky 0.7%. Much more than the predicted 0.2% drop that many had thought. What is worry, is the construction sector took another battering. In the three months to June, construction fell 5.2% compared to [...]

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