PVCu makes up over 80% of the residential double glazing market in the UK, and it has got to that loft position on the merit of the product and it’s many advantages. If you are thinking of replacing your current windows and doors for new ones, below are just some of the reasons why you should choose PVCu:

  • Long life span with low maintenance. High quality PVCu windows can be expected to last up to 35 years with minimal care and attention. PVCu doesn’t have to be painted or treated against the weather. Just make sure the hardware is lubricated every once in a while and the windows are washed when they look dirty!
  • Excellent energy efficiency. Regulations state that PVCu windows must be fitted to at least a minimum of a C rating on the A-G energy rated scale.There are companies out there who achieve an A rating and a very high one at that. New A rated windows vs old single glazed timber ones could save you up to 94% on heat loss through the windows. And depending on what study you read it can save you between £200-£400 per year on your fuel bills.
  • Colours. Gone are the days of just white or Mahogany PVCu. Here’s the list of the different coloured wood grains now available: White, Cream, Black, Irish Oak, Light Oak, Rosewood/Cherrywood, Red, Blue and Green. Some are now even doing Baby Blue doors! Then there is the option of colour spraying. Providing you have the RAL number, a white PVCu frame can be sprayed any colour option you like!
  • High security. PVCu windows and doors come with a list of security options longer than your arm. Unlike the first generation of PVCu products in the 80’s and 90’s, today’s modern products now come with such secure measures that the Police now struggle to break in in an emergency! PVCu windows and doors come with robust multi-point locking, high security cylinders, steel reinforcement inside the frames and are internally glazed.
  • Smooth looks. Again, today’s modern PVCu windows and doors are far more aesthetically pleasing than the first range of PVCu decades ago. The frames now come in a wide range of varying sculptured (Ovolo) or chamfered (bevelled) profiles. You just need to pick the one which suits you best! Gone are the days of square chunky profiles which don’t compliment your home. PVCu frames can now come in slim outer frames for those wanting maximum glass area and minimum PVCu. Low-line black neoprene gaskets make the edges of the frames even more appealing.
  • Cost. Compared to the aluminium and timber alternatives which have all the same features above, PVCu can come at the same high quality, but at less cost – they are the cost effective option. Key in these times of austerity. This doesn’t mean you compromise on quality or security however. When looking for quotes for replacement windows and doors, visit various showrooms to distinguish who are providing the best quality product. You can’t really do that by just having home visits.
  • Eco friendly! The best thing about PVCu windows and doors is that when they have reached the end of their serviceable lives, they can be fully recycled and turned into brand new PVCu windows and doors! In fact they’re good for at least 10 recycles! Quality PVCu windows and doors are good for about 35 years, which means the original materials are good for 350 – long enough don’t you think?!

These are just some of the reasons why PVCu is the ideal choice when replacing your windows and doors. If you have any questions to ask, please leave a comment below and I will answer them the best I can!

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