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Huge Changes Are Coming To Building Regulations, And The Industry Has To Wake Up

We have known for some time that changes to Part L and F of Building Regulations are coming. Now we have some clarity on what the proposals are, and the ramifications for the new-build market and eventually retro-fit market are enormous. The effects are incredibly serious and the fenestration industry must put forward it's [...]

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Universal Retrofit Vent Earns Fitters More

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart Glazpart’s link vent is ready to repair all those broken or damaged window vents by installers and fitters from trade counters. At home the kids hang off them, footballs miss the goal and accidents just happen! Just think how many hundreds and thousands of vents need repairing [...]

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Do You See The Need To Repair Or Replace Trickle Vents?

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart How many times do you see the need for replacement of fitted trickle vents? But where to start, what vent is fitted and how big is the rout to be covered? There is a vast quantity of fitted, damaged and mismatched colour vents that don’t work in [...]

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We’ve Focused Too Little On Ventilation

Over the past decade and longer, our industry, along with the wider construction sector, has been working hard to make sure that the product we all install keep as much heat inside the home as possible. On the most part to great success. Most things that go into homes now are far more efficient [...]

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The Enduring Issue Of Trickle Vents

My most read post of ALL TIME on this website is a little post I wrote all the way back in 2009 and was an open letter for the attention of Tyson Anderson about trickle vents. Apparently they're not that boring after all. It's also probably partly due to some decent SEO results for that [...]

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Trickle Vents Are The Marmite Product In The Window Industry

If there was ever a product that has split the opinions of the industry and home owners alike it has to be the humble trickle vent. It's appearance has changed over the year, but the attitude from many home owners towards it has changed very little, at least in my experience. They do not like [...]

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Why People Hate Trickle Vents

If we were to pluck out of thin air a product in our industry that has an almost universal disliking by the general public and a good proportion of the industry too, I'm guessing it would have to be trickle vents. That little flap of plastic inside and outside our lovely new windows. And [...]

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Seal It Up

For those who make trickle vents, this post probably isn't going to make one of your best reads, but here we go anyway... A few weeks ago I posed the question on Twitter: "What is the most ugly add on product our industry has ever produced?" And very quickly, the subject of trickle vents came [...]

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>Will I Get A Reply?

>As of yet, I have no reply to my e-mail sent to Tyson Anderson of Titon as regards the trickle vent issue.I'm starting to wonder if I actually may get one. Perhaps he is too busy to look at it right now and I might get one in a few weeks time. In all likelihood [...]

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Tackling The Trickle Vent Issue

I have sent the following e-mail to Mr Tyson Anderson in response to his article in the latest issue of the GGP magazine with regards to trickle vents: "Dear Mr Tyson Anderson: I work for a double glazing installations company in West Yorkshire and was particularly interested in your article about trickle vents in [...]

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>Trickle Vent Issue Still Not Clear

>In the latest issues of the GGP magazine, Tyson Anderson makes the case for trickle vents in response to Paul Jervis' comments in the previous issue. For the many reasons and clear-as-mud explanations he gives, I still don't believe that trickle vents should be required. He tries to argue that trickle vents provide a very [...]

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