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When It Comes To Building Regulations, It’s All About 2025

In just a couple of months, the fenestration sector in England will be required to comply with newly updated Building Regulations. Amongst the various changes, the two that are of most scrutiny have been ventilation (Part F) and conservation of fuel and power (Part L). Yet, as our sector scrambles to understand what the [...]

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Inflation Hits 6.2% As Cost Of Living Crisis Hits Home

Near the end of March, we saw a double-dose of bad financial news. First, inflation rose to 6.2%, which exceeded forecasts of 6%. Rising inflation has prompted the Bank of England to start to raise interest rates from record lows to 0.75%. The BoE is expected to keep raising rates until inflation comes under [...]

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Trickle Vents Are The NEW Hardware

This is a sponsored article by Glazpart: Many of you will be aware of the impending changes to the building regulations especially the requirement for trickle vents to be used on most windows installed from the 15th of June 2021 for new build and replacement windows! This is being done due to the lack [...]

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A Lesson To Be Learned On Failure To Act As One In Building Regs Updates

In the weeks to come, as the industry scrambles to get ready for revised Building Regulations coming into force from June 15th, there will be a massive increase in debate around the rules, their implementation and whether we need to be providing homeowners with a choice when it comes to trickle vents. The fact [...]

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Haffner Launches New Machine To Support Fabricators With New Part F Regulations

This is a sponsored article by Haffner: With the update to Part F ventilation regulations that are due to come into effect in June 2022, Haffner has launched its new MAC 145 Night Vent Router. Dave Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at Haffner explains: “With the change to regulations as part of the Governments’ Future [...]

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Even Trickle Vents At 1.4 u-Value Isn’t Convincing People

The trickle vents are coming! It's not as scary as it sounds, despite the opposition from a variety of facets of the fenestration industry. Indeed, on June 15th, that will be the date as published by Government, where the reality will be all windows will need to be fitted with trickle vents. There's a [...]

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There Is An Absolutely Valid Discussion To Be Had About Ventilation

As we approach the time where installers are deliberating on how to implement new guidance to abide by new Building Regulations, specifically on trickle vents, the debate about rules, what you can or cannot do, is going to heat up, with all sides having some skin in the game. So over the next few [...]

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The Future For Window Energy Ratings Looks Uncertain

The ramifications of the updated Building Regulations are becoming known as each day and week passes. As I understand it, there continues to be discussions at high levels about the implementation of them, in particular when it comes to new rules on background ventilation and the much talked about trickle vents. But one other [...]

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Fenestration Installer Ventilation Survey

Trickle vents and the newly updated Building Regulations are front and centre of minds right across the fenestration industry. In particular, the new regulations on background ventilation. For decades the industry has wrestled with the trickle vents, their pros and cons, their popularity with homeowners and their general use within fenestration. There are, however, [...]

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10 Companies To Watch For In 2022

Every year I take a look at some of the companies that I believe will make a big splash in the coming 12 months. The list is not in any order and is purely opinion-based. It doesn't matter about the size of the business or how long they have existed. Their inclusion is based [...]

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Who Will Enforce The New Trickle Vent Regulations?

As you may now well be aware, updated Building Regulations were published last week. I explored some of the major points that will directly affect the UK fenestration sector and you can read that particular article here. The major revision that has got everyone talking is Part F and background ventilation. Specifically, trickle vents. [...]

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New Building Regulations Announced – What It Means For The Fenestration Sector

The long-awaited revisions to Building Regulations have finally arrived and there are a number of updated regulations that are going to have a direct impact on the fenestration industry. In this post, I am going to mark the noteworthy changes that have significance and try and explain what it means for us all. There [...]

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Guest Post: The Vexed Issue Of The Trickle Vent

As consultations around the Government’s new Future Buildings Standard close, VEKA Plc’s Technical Director, Paul Kennington, applauds plans to make homes more energy efficient but questions whether the vexed issue of ventilation has been solved. The results are in; over the last two years, the Government has been running consultations that first covered domestic [...]

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Top 5 Tips When Choosing New Windows And Doors

Purchasing new windows and doors for your home is one of the biggest and most expensive home improvement projects you will carry out. The amount of choice available in the market has never been bigger and every window and door installer offers something different. Here are five top tips to consider before choosing your [...]

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Trickle Vents: All You Need To Know

What Are Trickle Vents? Trickle vents are adjustable vents that sit at the top of a window or door that allow ventilation to enter a home or building. Small holes are routed out at the top of the window frame or sash that allow air to pass through. The trickle vents are clipped on [...]

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Government Launches Ventilation Video, But Misses Background Ventilation

The Government has launched a new video to help educate the public about ventilation as we enter Winter amidst the pandemic. We are being told that if people are going to let others into people's homes (after lockdowns finish of course) to open windows more often to help reduce the amount of potentially infectious [...]

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