What would have happened to the window industry if WER’s hadn’t come along? Before window energy ratings showed their face, companies were trundeling along, selling their windows and doors on the same selling points: security and aesthetics.

What used to split companies apart was the security that was used in their windows and doors. Luckily for us we always had a fantastic product with great security features. This helped us win orders against companies at the lower end of the market. However, as the industry progressed, other manufacturers began to catch up and the playing field become more level. The market began to merge together again, lines blurred and it became harder to win orders.

When security wasn’t doing the trick, the next road to go down was the aesthetics of what you were selling. There was a lot of plain out there. Lots of flat, chunky, boring PVCu frames. Then sculptured frames came along and became a game changer. We were one of the first to start using the sculptured frames, and that immediately set us apart from other competition. But, as with everything, over the years companies caught up and sculptured frames became the norm. The playing field levelled up again. Companies had to search for other selling points to win orders. That came in the form of things such as company history, white/cream/black woodgrain, age of the business, reputation, freebies etc. But nothing was significant.

That was until WER’s came along. Suddenly, here was something that was simple, was a clear advantage to installers and customers alike, and something to point an industry lost within itself back in the right direction. And it came just in time. Just as WER’s came to prominance, the industry started to decline in a very serious manner. WER’s gave struggling companies a lifeline. Something to help promote their products in a new ‘green’ light. WER’s mean’t profit margins could be restored, falling conversion rates could be boosted, and optimism grew. However, over the last 2/3 years it has been introduced, still only roughly a third (maybe less) of businesses have taken WER’s on board and actively sold the advantages. We use the energy efficiency of our products as our main selling point. When replacing windows in the future, energy efficiency is going to be one the of most important factors. So what has confused me is why so many companies are taking so long to get on board. When sculptured frames came out, companies quickly got on the band wagon, as they did with different coloured wood grains and break secure door cylinders. So, if any one reading this isn’t pushing WER’s, why? It’s given the window industry the jolt it needed, and is going to be the main driving force for many years to come.