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Guest Post: Nick Dardalis

The aluminium uptake amongst companies that previously sold only plastic windows continues its upward trend with yet more reports highlighting the increase in aluminium products.  The plastic window companies that continue to comment that aluminium is cold, condensating, doesn’t meet current energy requirements and suitable only for the commercial market are simply backward companies, misleading [...]

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Team Building With Chase Taylor

You could be excused for associating the phrase “Team Building” with thoughts of highly paid executives running round in fields firing paint ball pellets at one another, or jumping out of imaginary hot air balloons as a part of developing trust. In the case of UAP and Chase Taylor Recruitment however “Team Building” meant exactly [...]

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Guest Post – Nigel Grant: View Of An OMB

Life as a fitter, surveyor, salesman and office worker.. In other words a One Man Band (OMB)! First off OMB`S haven’t ruined the double glazing industry! This is all I ever hear from the SME's and nationals: “It's the OMB`s fault” because of our: “Cowboy reputation”- Well I point my finger at the nationals for [...]

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Guest Post From Fenestration News: The Future Is Being Lost

I don't know how many of you guys read the Fenestration News website. It's not the flashiest site in the world, but the site, and it's Twitter account I have always found to give me the most useful information related to our industry than all the other sites. I read a post they made live [...]

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Online Marketing – Is Your Website Ready For Christmas?

I am happy to introduce Ian Vaughan as the next guest blogger here on this site. This one has a very festive feel, so if you're a miserable humbug who doesn't like Christmas, then you're going to have to read something else today! If you do, enjoy! As you may have noticed across town and [...]

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Guest Post: Avoiding Cowboy Builders

I've not posted a proper guest post in a while. Then, out of the blue, I get a genuine request for a guest slot with a genuine post already written which some of you might actually be able to scribble a comment to! It's a bit of a guide which most will be fully aware [...]

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SJW At The Prince’s Foundation

Hello everyone! I have been asked by the Double Glazing Blogger to give you all a condensed update of my time with The Prince's Foundation. I would firstly like to thank this great Blog for all their support to myself, my career and my own personal Blog also. If you missed it, this is the [...]

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Bi-Folding Doors: Take Advantage Of A Growing Market

Doors are an important feature of any home, opening up space and providing an aesthetic appeal to complement any room. Bi-folding doors offer a modern look that can’t be replicated by the conventional patio or French designs. They’re often manufactured with two panels, though there can be more, and these are connected with centralised hinges. [...]

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UAP Launch Brand New Trade Counter!

UAP TradeLocks are happy to announce the opening of their brand spanking new trade counter just off the M60 in Whitefield, Manchester. They have a range of 1,500 products, all of which are in stock and readily available for people to see, touch and play with before they buy. The company also has the facility [...]

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Door Knockers Without The Fixings

With the Hidden Fix Door Knocker from UAP, adding a door knocker to an entrance door is now a quick, simple and cost effective process with the use of the ‘Hidden Fix Lollipop’ – a patent applied for design with a super strong, waterproof adhesive covering. All you need to do is attach the ‘lollipop’ [...]

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ID Card Slots From UAP

As the efforts to secure our homes get ramped up, one fear that still haunts the nervous home owner is the unannounced visits. We're all aware of the awful cases of the elderly being victims of forced entry burglaries by people posing as gas meter readers or tradesmen. And lets face it, door chains are [...]

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MyTradeTV Launches Glazing Channel

With the launch of the locksmith channel at in April, it is a proud day for the company to now launch the second and highly anticipated Glazing channel for MyTradeTV! A lot of hard work has gone into creating a place that the whole of the double glazing community can come to show off [...]

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Low-Cost Way To Boost Leads

Leads are the life-blood of every double glazing business. Without them, we simply wouldn't be in business. But in these topsy turvy times, leads are not always on the abundant side. So what options are available when leads are low but you need business? One option would be to speak to Quotatis. They are Europe's [...]

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Double Glazing Salesman, I Don’t Want Them In My Home

Tonight I am happy to publish a guest post from one of our Twitter clan; @Paulsalesman. Below is his take on sales people in our industry and how best for the industry to get it's message across. It's a good read, so enjoy! First the Rant The double glazing industry as a whole has had [...]

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