Kolorseal to be main sponsor of National Fenestration Awards for a second time

Industry leading PVCu and aluminium profile colour specialists Kolorseal are to sponsor the 2016 National Fenestration Awards campaign. This will be their second time supporting the awards and follows a hugely successful Winners Event, celebrating the winners of the 2015 campaign, of which Kolorseal helped to put on. The 2016 campaign is up and [...]

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Kolorseal Move To Larger Premises To Facilitate Growth

Industry leading colour specialists Kolorseal have recently completed a move to their brand new home at the Bretton Street Industrial Estate which will help the company to continue growing as a business. The new facility boasts three advanced, large spray booths and a super sized drying room. The extra room, spray booths and larger spraying [...]

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Kolorseal to Sponsor Toyota GT86 Rally Cars At NFA 2015 Winners Event

As the Winners Event for the 2015 National Fenestration Awards champions nears, Kolorseal, already main sponsors of the NFAs, are also to sponsor one of the car groups taking centre stage at this unique event. There are three great cars set to be put through their paces; Toyota GT 86 Rally Edition, Land Rover [...]

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Colour The Key To Unlocking Future Sales Potential

Still selling lots of white windows and doors? Great. But the time is ticking away for staple products like that. The future is here already and it's a far more colourful affair than in recent decades. Home owner tastes are changing very quickly and it's all down to colour. Changing tastes, better informed Spend a [...]

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The Colour Revolution Has Been Led By Doors

The window and door industry certainly is becoming a colourful place to be. Not so long ago window and door sales were dominated by just a few options, mainly white, with the rest being made up of Rosewood and Light Oak. But things move on, home owner tastes change and those changes can be rooted [...]

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Spraying Isn’t Just Spraying For Kolorseal

The popularity of coloured windows and doors cannot be argued with. Over the past decade this trend has exploded and has been one of the contributing factors towards the general public's slowly changing perceptions of the industry. But when it comes to the spraying itself, there's a right way and then there's the other ways. [...]

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Kolorseal latest to become main National Fenestration Awards sponsor

Kolorseal latest to join a growing list PVCu and aluminium colouring specialists Kolorseal have recetntly agreed to become the latest main sponsor for the 2015 National Fenestration Awards competition. Their joining will see them support the 2015 NFAs throughout the rest of this year and right on until the winners event in the early part [...]

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Latest Kolorseal Installations Shows Beauty Of Matching Colour

When it comes to colour, quite often new windows and doors contrast. Most homeowners still go for white windows, or another popular finish, with the doors being completely different. And that's nice. It can have a real impact and make the home stand out when it didn't before. But this latest case study, with images [...]

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Kolorseal Supply The Colour, And The Product To Go With It

What a wonderful world of colour our industry now enjoys. The last decade has seen a real transformation in how our industry markets itself to the homeowner. White, Light Oak and Rosewood are no longer your only options. Thanks to a demand driven by the consumer, and a better understanding of how our products should [...]

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Heritage Colours Will Become More Popular In Time

I think colours in our industry are going to go through two main phases. Right now we're in the middle of phase one. This first phase is the popularity of bold, bright colours such as black, blue, red, green, as well as Anthracite Grey and Chartwell Green. How many doors do we see now in [...]

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Proof Is In The Testimonials For Kolorseal

We're all proud of the work we do (hopefully) and it's nice to see our work fitted in people's homes. But we like it even more when those customers of ours take the time to send in their thoughts about your company and the work undertaken. Society at the moment is very quick to complain, [...]

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A Stunning Gallery Of Kolorseal’s Work

As a DGB resident, you often see me writing about Kolorseal, but not all that often do you get to see the work they do. So instead of reading 500-600 words about them, you get to see the fantastic work they do. And we all like to have a look at the industry's best work [...]

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Can Kolorseal Help Boost Coloured Roofline?

We (should) all know exactly who Kolorseal are by now. They are the PVC and aluminium spraying specialists based in Dewsbury, right here in West Yorkshire. For the past decade they have been supplying the UK window and door industry with some very high quality coloured products, splitting up the mass white we've all seen [...]

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Kolorseal Are Ten Years Old!

DGB residents Kolorseal are celebrating turning ten years old! Breaking the magical ten year mark is always a special achievement, especially when working in this industry where longevity is often hard to come by. Still, Kolorseal have managed to reach a mileston in what has probably been one of the toughest periods of time our [...]

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Kolorseal, More Than Just Colour Specialists

Kolorseal have worked hard to become one of the industries top sprayers of PVCu and aluminium profiles. Their dedication to quality finishes and customer service has earned them a great reputation within the fenestration industry. But you may not be aware that Kolorseal do quite a bit more than just spraying your windows and doors [...]

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