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Nifty Little QR Codes

Every once in a while I like to help out some of my Twitter pals, and this time round it is the turn of @richy1p! To give you a simple breakdown of his business; Richard creates QR code stickers to be placed on your businesses' vans or buildings: He sends these out to business. When [...]

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UAP’s Extra Employee Ethos

On February 10th I was lucky enough to go see UAP at their offices in Whitefield near bury and how they work. It was unlike any type of offices environment I had seen so far during my time in this industry. What I mean by this, is that there was no big white clinical warehouse [...]

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PVCu Companies Missing Out On The Ali Market?

Well, I've reached another landmark number! This time I'm at number 750. This post here is my 750th! And to mark the occasion I have handed the reigns over to Nick, author of the fantastic Aluminium Trade Supply website. His guest post goes through the various opportunities aluminium windows and doors can bring to a [...]

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>Guest Post: Protecting Glass From Vandalism

> Ian Penfold from Solar Gard explains the advantages of their range of window films, as an alternative to new laminated glass units or the more extreme installation of steel bars across windows. “We all know that broken glass poses a major threat to safety. Not just for occupants of a building, but sometimes even [...]

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>A Little Help For Sophii!

>I've now managed to get my girlfriend @SophiiMaria into the bloggersphere properly, and today she's launched her site: http://www.sophiimaria.blogspot.comShe's a drama student at Aberystwyth University and if you like anything to do with music, drama, arts or any form of entertainment (with a little bit of analyzing) then I think you'll like her site.I'm going to [...]

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>Guest Post: Keep Cool And Carry On

>Carrying on my series of guest posts, below is an article which brilliantly points out how we are so focused on keeping heat in our buildings, we forget how to keep them efficiently cool. It's a little bit promo at the end, but the ethos of the post was good, and if the products work [...]

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>Guest Post: Are Orangeries Still A Preserve Of The Rich?

>I'm happy to say that a member of Anglian Home Improvements has been kind enough to respond to my request for a guest post. This is an insightful one, and as always comments are welcome:Are Orangeries still a preserve of the rich or are they becoming affordable enough for the average householdHome improvement companies across [...]

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>Guest Post: Striking Teachers

>This isn't about double glazing, but this is an issue where many people will agree with the content and the sentiments of the post. I know I do. Comments are welcome and encouraged:Teachers Striking over having to work an extra 6 years for their pensions. Last time I remember teachers had about 12weeks a year [...]

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>Guest Post Anyone?

>It's been a while since I last had a guest post on this site, so I  thought it was high time we had another one on here.So I'm putting a call out to all my readers to see if anyone has something they wish to get of their chests? It doesn't necessarily have to be [...]

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>Guest Post: Understanding The Supply Chain 2

>I'm happy to say that this is now my second guest post in quick succession, courtesy of Ben Warren of Legacy Windows: The problem of  understanding the supply chain as mentioned by Nick (AluminiumTradeSupply) is  a very real one. The arrogance of Aluminium Systems Companies is well  documented and they have little or no sympathy for their [...]

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>Guest Post: Understanding The Supply Chain

>I'm happy to say that this is my first guest post, and has been sent by Nick from you've been in the supply business for any length of time you will know that the end user can end up waiting for an unexpectantly long time for their order, and when this happens tempers can [...]

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