>The Quality Of Internet Leads

>There is no doubt that the future of the double glazing industry relies partly on the integration of the internet. Gathering leads by way of the web is going to become one of the main ways in which to attract customers.We started the internet journey properly about a year ago, aiming to have a better [...]

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>When Your Not Given The Time

>When visiting a customer to quote them for a new conservatory, you would think that due to a conservatory being quite a big purchase, the client would dedicate some time to go through with you your product, company and all the other details entailed, to make sure that your quote meets completely their expectations. Well [...]

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>Proof That Consumers Are Getting More Vocal With Their Complaint

>http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8576264.stmThis is a link you all need follow and read up on. It is an article on the BBC Business website that explains how more and more people are using social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to complain about bad experiences they have with companies.Customer complaints is a subject I like to prattle on [...]

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>It’s All To Do With Your Existing Customers

>Dan Elson left me this comment last night:"Customer retention is the key here everyone. Keep retaining your customers and keep selling more and more to them."0% of your customers account for 80% off your sales...so why do companies focus so much on acquiring new customers?Yes you always need knew customers but surely reading the above [...]

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>How Best To Treat Your Customers

>A recent guest post on RCG has dealt with the issue of how best to treat and respect the time of your customers. The author Dave Blakeman of RPS put forward the idea of sending the customer a gift i.e. vouchers or chocolates as a thank you for your time. The idea is also supposed [...]

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>More Rediculous Pricing

>My evening appointment last night gave me some amusement. I was there to measure up for a door and top light, and they told me they had Everest in previously to quote for the same. The customers showed me the quote Everest submitted (which was on a tatty piece of pink carbon paper) to them. [...]

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>The Importance Of A Good After-Sales Service

>Part of the reason why the double glazing industry has such a tarnished reputation is due to the fact that companies tend neglect the needs of their customers after the installation has been completed. No company is perfect and problems will occur in all areas of installation. But what really earns businesses credibility with the [...]

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