Double Glazing No Longer The Cowboy Industry

The double glazing industry has long been the butt of the jokes and it certainly hasn't had the best reputation over the last decade or so. But the recent Which? report seems to cast doubt on that stereotype and it should be something the industry jumps on and makes good use of. The report states [...]

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Which? Report: No Trust, Choose Local

Double glazing companies lose trust of consumers A Which? consumer survey has found that customers prefer to use independent, local double glazing companies. According to the survey, homeowners feel more comfortable and save money with double glazing when using local businesses. The Which? report took into account 2,500 people who have had double glazing units [...]

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TV Matters!

The recent 'Don't Get Done Get Dom' has highlighted the importance of making a constant good impression, especially if you're a national company. The programme featured Anglian Home Improvements and a dispute with a customer who was withholding money due to a job which in their opinion wasn't complete. There was some slight damage to [...]

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Customers Can Be Unreasonable Too

For all the stick that double glazing companies get for being unreliable and unreasonable, I would like to make the point that there are some customers out there who are just as bad. Whoever came up with the phrase "the customer is always right" really should have thought that through before saying that. As the [...]

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Elderly Forced To Put Up With Cold And Mouldy Windows

Elderly residents at Meldone House and Armeston House, in Sheepsway House, New Malden have been told that they will have to wait at least another two years before their old windows can be replaced. The windows in currently are single glazed, drenched in condensation, have black mould growing and is causing the plaster to crumble [...]

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>Be Nice To Your Customers

>Customer service is probably one of the most basic and fundamental qualities to have as a business. Yet many fail miserably at delivering that service.What has inspired me to write this post was how we were talked to by a member of staff by one of the larger composite door companies in our industry. The short version [...]

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>Customers Who Don’t Pay

>It's one of the biggest pains in the backside that window companies have to suffer, customers who don't pay when you finish the job.What is the best way to deal with them? In my experience it's always best to filter out those who you think are most likely to be problem customers. You can decide [...]

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>Quality Counts Story Part 1

>The sender of the images of my recent Quality Counts posts has sent me some more information and the first part of his ongoing story with his poorly installed windows and doors. The property is a semi-detached in Warrington, the company installing the windows is from Warrington but the frames are made in Leeds. The 70 [...]

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>Are Reduced Margins A Certainty?

>A bit of a debate started yesterday on Glasstalk about margins and how they will naturally become less due to the mature market place, competition and struggling economy. As proof of the opposite, I'm taking the view that just because things aren't so easy, there are ways to stay profitable.One way to increase margins is [...]

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>Quality Counts 3

>This evening I have been sent two more images from the same installation as pictured in my other posts Quality Counts and Quality Counts 2.If these were one off problems on separate installations then perhaps this wouldn't be so bad, but, as the sender tells me, these are all on the same installation.You can have [...]

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>Good PR

>Question: Who goes and visits the installations they have sold?I make a special effort to go see my installations when I can. You'd be surprised how much this pleases your customers. It shows them you weren't just there to take their money and run, it shows them that you actually care about the work being [...]

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>Quality Counts 2

>I've been sent another image by the sender who sent me the first image on the Quality Counts post:According to the sender, there are over 50 of these foil tears across the installation. Along with:The sender has said they will let me know the outcome of these issues.Again, opinions on these images are welcome!

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