>Fires Shut Down 5 Nan Ya Plants

>It's emerged that the Yunlin County Government in Taiwan forced Nan Ya, producers of composite door panels exported to the UK, to shut down 5 of it's production plants after two fires broke out on 12th and 18th of May.According to Nan Ya, these closures are causing a daily loss of around NT$8.4 million (I'm [...]

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>Polymer Prices Set To Rise Further

>Due to the recent Japanese Earthquake, Toray Fine Chemicals Company Ltd, producer of polysulphide polymer, has had to cease production for an unspecified period of time. The plant was damaged in the recent earthquake, and due to damage to most of Japan's nuclear reactors, power to everywhere north of Tokyo has had to be rationed [...]

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>PVCu Recycling Market

>The residual effect of an expanding 2nd and 3rd generation replacement window market is the creation of a potentially huge PVCu recycling sector.Companies like Veka and Ecoplas have put some real effort into getting set up to cope with the influx of this increasing market. And it's good for the industry too. Us installers get [...]

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>Replacement PVCu Market Booms

>If you were to take a look in our yard you'll see a small mound of old timber frames waiting to be recycled, and next to it a mountain of PVCu about 25 times the size, again waiting to be taken away to be recycled.The replacement PVCu market is one which seems to be out-performing [...]

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>PVCu Facts Column

>The report on the ban of illegal timber imports got me in the mood for some more timber bashing and plugging of the PVCu industry. So, I've taken 15 facts from the http://www.fightingbackwithfacts.co.uk/ website and put them in a column down the right hand side at the bottom.I feel it's important to make this information [...]

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>Time To Move Away From Oil

>If ever there was a reason to move away from the reliance of oil it is the ongoing environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.This is started when the Deepwater Horizon rig suffered an explosion and eventually sunk. As it was going down, the fail-safes aboard the rig failed and a rupture in the line [...]

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>More Recycling Equals Less Skips

>Last week, when hoarding over 250 post-consumer PVCu frames into an Ecoplas big green skip, it hit me how much we are saving on skips.If we weren't doing all the recycling we are doing now, we would still be using way too many skips for our own good. In fact we're now probably using over [...]

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>Will Customer’s Want Recycled PVCu?

>There is going to be a point where old PVCu windows and doors may become 2nd generation PVCu windows and doors through recycling. Obviously, not all PVCu that gets removed will become the same product again. But as more and more recycled PVCu weaves it's way into everyday life, and the more the production of [...]

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>Yet More Crap From English Heritage

>Good old English Heritage has released yet another of their wonderful reports into how PVCu is destroying the fabric of English housing.Their latest report, included in the latest Glass and Glazing magazine, goes on to explain that installing PVCu to replace old timber windows does not offer 'a dramatic boost in performance'. I'm sorry English [...]

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>Plastic Tactics

>After all the positive press about timber windows, and how bad PVC windows are, it seems like I've been converted, I mean, look at the sheer beauty of this timber door...English Heritage your absolutely right, PVC is a blight and a plague we need rid of!

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>What Are You Doing To Help!

>It's all gone a bit quiet in the window industry in the last couple of weeks, most notably in the efforts to get PVCu back at the forefront of the replacement window market. I still don't think the bigger PVCu installers and fabricators are doing enough. The Fighting Back With Facts campaign doesn't seem to [...]

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