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Buying Windows And Doors With Bitcoin Would Be Way Too Risky

Bitcoin. The world's most famous cryptocurrency, or digital currency, whichever term you prefer. For those who may not know why it has been in [...]

Safestyle Shares Fall After Another Negative Trading Update

I think that it's fair to say Safestyle UK hasn't had the best trading year. They have had to publish a series of disappointing [...]

A High End Product Needs A High End Experience

For many installers and fabricators, the last few years has all been about switching to the higher end of the window and door market. [...]

NFA Winners Week – Day 2

Day 2 of Winners Week in the National Fenestration Awards kicked off on Tuesday, with four more winners of the 2017 campaign being announced. [...]

Could We See More Vertical Integration In The Window Industry Next Year?

I touched on vertical integration earlier on in the year and posed the scenario that we may see more of it in the future [...]

NFA Winners Week – Day 1

The National Fenestration Awards Winners Week has been kicking off as you may have seen, and has been taking over Twitter at 9pm every [...]

Time To Raise Prices In 2018?

As we head into the final few weeks of the year, no doubt many of you will be starting to make your plans for [...]

Poor Product Quality And Service Has A Major Problem This Year

Late deliveries this year? Damaged products? Missing items? Poor customer service? If you answered yes to anything of these, chances are you're not the [...]

Have Solid Roofs Been Fire Tested?

The horrifying images from the disastrous Grenfell Tower fire in the summer will no doubt be one of the enduring moments of 2017. I [...]

Review: November 2017

This is the penultimate monthly review on DGB. How did we get here so soon? I guess time moves quickly when we're all busy. [...]

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UK Votes To Leave EU

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F E A T U R E D  A R T I C L E

Installers Will Call For Price Drops

As and when Sterling recovers in time, installers are likely to call for price increases blamed on Brexit to be rolled back. Will systems companies and fabricators be willing to scale back?

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DGB Brexit: Joe Martoccia – We Might Just Make Brexit Work

I'm not the biggest fan of LinkedIn. It's good for certain things, but other platforms like Facebook and Twitter have been more useful to [...]

The B-Word Was Hardly Mentioned At The FIT Show This Year

You know that we're all tired of that B-word when it's hardly mentioned at the FIT Show just a few weeks back. In an [...]

DGB Brexit: Article 50 Triggered Today

Brexit begins today. Finally. Nine months after the UK voted to leave the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May will finally trigger Article 50 [...]

DGB Brexit: Article 50 Likely To Be Triggered On Tuesday

Several papers and media outlets this morning are reporting that Prime Minister Theresa May has scheduled in an important political announcement on Tuesday, with [...]



Never has the UK window and door industry been as diverse as it is right now. Diversification has flourished in an attempt to create new revenue streams and to break into new markets. But in this effort to expand our sector’s offerings, are we at risk of trying to do too much?

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Morley Sponsorship Keeps Academy Dancing

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass Strictly Come Dancing may almost be over for another year, but the show must go on [...]

Uni-Blind® World Leaders Morley Glass Join National Fenestration Awards As #NFA17 Main Sponsors

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass The world’s biggest Uni-Blind® manufacturers Morley Glass, based in Leeds, are the latest to join the [...]

Award Win Makes Morley A Triple Threat

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass Morley Glass & Glazing has been named as the UK fenestration industry’s best IGU manufacturer in [...]

Simple CPS Switching: The Certass Way

This is a sponsored article by Certass With insurance and energy contract renewals consistently in the headlines, as a nation, we’re starting to move [...]

Solidor Group Hits A Record: 100 Days Of 100% OTIF

This is a sponsored article by Solidor The Solidor Group has invested two years’ hard work into turning its manufacturing and operations into a [...]

Colour With Service

This is a sponsored article by Kolorseal Recent market reports show colour as one of the clear growth sectors for the fenestration industry. One [...]

URBANroom Design Now In Print

This is a sponsored article by Prefix Systems Prefix Systems have just launched a new 8-page URBANroom brochure, which details the features and capabilities [...]

Double Award Nomination For Vista At The NFAs 2017

This is a sponsored article by Purplex Merseyside-based composite door specialists Vista are celebrating two nominations at The National Fenestration Awards 2017. The reigning [...]

Morley Glass Shortlisted For IGU Manufacturer Of The Year Award

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass Morley Glass and Glazing is in the running to be crowned IGU Manufacturer of the Year [...]

Morley Boxes Clever With Latest Sponsorship Pledge

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass Morley Glass & Glazing is getting into the ring with a new sponsorship opportunity, with the [...]




Flush window products are being adopted by the industry and home owners alike. These are three reasons why flush windows are the future.

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  • Review: November 2017

    This is the penultimate monthly review on DGB. How did we get here so soon? I guess time moves quickly when we're all busy. No doubt that the Christmas trees are all going up [...]

  • Review: September 2017

    There's no doubting that the industry got back into the swing of things in September. A very busy month in UK fenestration on all sorts of fronts. So as we head into the last [...]

  • Review: August 2017

    August. Usually the quietest month on the news front as it seems everyone disappears on holiday and nothing really gets done on any front until September. The same usually goes for the window industry. [...]

  • Review: July 2017

    Can you believe we're already in the school summer holidays? It's difficult to think we're already way past the half way mark in the year, and some installers are even looking at their installation [...]

  • Review: June 2017

    Better late than never, but this is my look back at June in the UK fenestration industry. I know it's about three weeks later than it normally is, but I was on holiday until [...]

  • Review: May 2017

    We're approaching the half way point in the year. Where did that disappear to? Absolutely crazy to think we're already in June, but, it's been a busy old year so far for the window [...]

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Personal Column: Mother Nature Reminds Us She Is Boss

We have seen in the past few weeks some very deadly reminders that as humans, although living on this planet, we are very much [...]

Personal Column: The Problem With Looking Young

Looking younger than you actually are is on the surface a good thing to most people. Striving to stay looking young is an aim [...]

Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Business!

A little over a week ago I published a post called "Sterling Falls Further, Why I'm Not Worried". It sparked a debate on Twitter [...]

Personal Column: TeamGB – A Sporting Force

Wow, what an Olympics TeamGB is having at Rio! I am writing this the morning after watching Laura Trott dominate the Omnium to win Gold [...]


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