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DGB Tech: Tesla’s Revolutionary Solar Roof To Launch In Second Half Of 2017

Last year I first wrote about the revolutionary Solar Roof product by the guys at SolarCity, which is a Tesla company. You can catch [...]

Watch The Sheer Joy As Homeless Man Is Given Job At Window Fabricator

It's not too often that we get to write and read about good news stories in our industry, and in fact in the wider [...]

Three Barriers That Will Hold Triple Glazing Back For A While To Come

The closer we get to this year's FIT Show, the more we might hear about triple glazing. Although consumer interest in the product as [...]

Glazing Sector Acquisitions Could Be Unsustainable

The current trend of acquisitions in the glazing industry makes for easy page views. They're generally always a big deal, especially if they're a [...]

Installers Should Sell And Install Pretty Much Everything

The economic environment here and around the world is going to be challenging this year, and we're going to hear a mixed bag of [...]

Glazing Sector Super Groups: Good Or Bad For The Industry?

Acquisition is the mood of the moment. The latest, announced late on Wednesday, saw Polyframe acquire the Customade Group. You can read more on [...]

Does Our Industry Have A Productivity Problem?

Much has been made of the productivity gap here in the UK compared to our European counterparts and other countries around the world. As [...]

Polyframe Announce Acquisition And Merger With Customade Group Limited (Customade)

Acquisition season for 2017 has kicked off, with Polyframe reporting on their website that they have merged with Customade Group Limited (Customade). This is [...]

The Composite Door Market Could Grow Massively For 10 Years, Then There Could Be Trouble

There is no doubting that strength of the composite door market. From less than 20% of door sales in 2007 to an estimated 50%+ [...]

Plimsoll: 230 Window And Door Companies In Danger

Whilst it is generally accepted that trading conditions, despite Brexit and the precarious global political climate, are in good spirits here in the UK, [...]

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UK Votes To Leave EU

The UK has voted to leave the EU. Initial reaction and thoughts on perhaps the most dramatic economic and political shift to happen to the country since World War 2. Click “EXPLORE” to keep up to date on DGB with what Brexit means for the UK window and door industry.


F E A T U R E D  A R T I C L E

Post-Brexit Poll – The Results

A poll was held recently on DGB to find out how business in the fenestration sector in the UK have performed since the vote to leave the EU. These are the results.

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May Set To Trigger Article 50 By March 9th

According to reports from The Times and Bloomberg this morning, Theresa May is to announce the triggering of Article 50 at an EU Summit [...]

DGB Brexit: Govt Defeated In Supreme Court, Article 50 Bill By Thursday

At 9:30am on Tuesday 24th January, the Supreme Court ruled that Parliament had to be the body that officially gives permission to trigger Article [...]

DGB Brexit: May Speech Reveals Brexit Objectives

DGB Brexit: UK To Leave Customs Union And Parliament To Get A Vote Late on Tuesday morning Prime Minister Theresa May’s long awaited speech [...]

Brisant Reduces Prices Due To Steady Recovery In Sterling

In what I believe to be an industry first, Brisant, makers of the highly successful Ultion door cylinder, have announced that they are to [...]



Initial early signals from companies operating within the UK glazing market point to a very positive start to the year, with sentiment and confidence solid going into the rest of the first quarter. Take part in a poll to help gauge industry sentiment.

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Morley Glass & Glazing Celebrates 12 Months Of Growth

This is a sponsored article by Morley Glass & Glazing Morley Glass & Glazing is celebrating a successful start to 2017 following an exciting [...]

Open Letter: Martin Dickie, MD Of Residence Collection

This is a sponsored article by Residence Collection Is this the year of the flush sash? Most systems companies have launched one, or added [...]

Prefix Deliver A Contemporary, WARMroof Solution

The WARMroof product from Prefix Systems is already regarded as a market leader in terms of design, performance and configurability and the development of [...]

Bill Butters’ markets expand with Residence Collection

This is a sponsored article by Residence Collection Bill Butters has used Residence Collection to expand into new markets it couldn’t access before. The [...]

The Shift To Premium

Sponsored article by Morley Glass Morley Glass and Glazing has long been known for never compromising when it comes to its products and the [...]




Flush window products are being adopted by the industry and home owners alike. These are three reasons why flush windows are the future.

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As we head into the second half of 2016, we look back at what was a tumultuous first six months for our industry. Click below to read more.

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Personal Column: The Problem With Looking Young

Looking younger than you actually are is on the surface a good thing to most people. Striving to stay looking young is an aim [...]

Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Business!

A little over a week ago I published a post called "Sterling Falls Further, Why I'm Not Worried". It sparked a debate on Twitter [...]

Personal Column: TeamGB – A Sporting Force

Wow, what an Olympics TeamGB is having at Rio! I am writing this the morning after watching Laura Trott dominate the Omnium to win Gold [...]

Personal Column: Tax Story Demonstrates Attitude Towards Wealthy People

This week has seen a fevered attack on the Prime Minister which has seen him publish his personal tax summaries to try and defuse what [...]


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