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>Did You Try Hard Enough?

>January and February are the months where most businesses in the world of windows tend to struggle, and where you often find the majority of bankruptcies. When a business goes pop, it's usually sad to see isn't it? Well, no, put simply. I'll explain why.The recent recession forced businesses to do what ever they could [...]

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>Minimum Order Values

>I am a firm believer that it does more harm than good to have minimum order values. This thought was sparked by the debate about what the price should be for a 1800x1200 side opening window. There are plenty of people that only want the odd window or door doing. A lot like to spread the [...]

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>Darby Glass In Administration

>The tough economic trading conditions has now hit Darby Glass of Scunthorpe.According to a report in the Glass Times magazine, SFP were appointed joint administrators on 13th Octoberand continues to trade while a buyer is found.Darby Glass employs 62 members of staff and has a turnover of over £4 million a year.

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>Why The Double Glazing Industry Is Fighting A Losing Battle

>I'm not going to copy and paste the report, it's just not good journalism! But I will put the link to the article here: these terrible people are continuing to pollute our industry with criminal practices, we are always going to be fighting off an unfair reputation for the rest of us.

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>Profits Up At Anglian, But Turnover Down Sharply

>Below is an article taken from the website reporting on the rise in profits, fall in turnover and job losses at Anglian:Anglian Group, the parent company of Anglian Home Improvement, has said that profits for the first half of 2010 have risen by 70% despite a fall in revenue.Norwich-based Anglian, one of the UK's largest [...]

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>How Many Names Have You Got?

>If you've read my last post you'll know how unfair it is that Anglian actually have 6 different companies/company names. If you've read my last post and have multiple company names yourself then you'll probably be indifferent to this post!Anglian Home Improvements seem to have six registered business names. One can only assume that these [...]

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>Registered Businesses

>I'm not going on an Anglian rant here, but I've just done a check on Companies House and look at how many names/businesses Anglian Home Improvements have registered:1. Anglian Home Improvements Limited2. Anglian Home Improvements Green Power Limited3. Anglian Home Improvements Group Limited4. Anglian Home Improvements Insulations Limited5. Anglian Home Improvements Solar Energy Limited6. Anglian Home Improvements Solar [...]

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>What Will Happen To Anglian?

>There are usually two main reasons as to why a business is put up for sale: 1) The owners wish to cash in and make a tidy profit or 2) It is costing them more to keep the business going so they need to offload it. Which of those two do you think is the [...]

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>Anglian Up For Sale

>Press release from Reuters, brought to my attention via Quorn Conservatories on GlassTalk:ANGLIAN OPENS WINDOW TO SALEHome improvements firm Anglian Windows has appointed accountants KPMG to manage the auction of the business, which analysts say could be valued at as much as 140 million pounds. A sell-off would mark the second time that the business [...]

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>Valueable Window Websites

> After stumbling on the valuating website, the novelty of it has completely taken me over! So,I thought I'd rank the national window companies based on their website's value, bit sad, but like I've said, the novelty of it is too much! 1. £87,998.72 2. £72,106.85 3. £40,483.05 4. £37,134.24 5. [...]

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>What’s Your Site Worth?

>@Zerochamp tweeted about his blog's value an how much it is worth, using this site: You simply enter your website address in the bar, click return and you get a valuation on your site. Naturally I plugged mine in and it told me my site was worth a cool £3235! Nice!Then I started to get creative. WYW [...]

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>Company Ratings Open To Spam And Abuse

>This is a follow up to a recent post about the company ratings page on After visiting the page again I've noticed the company I work for has sprung up on there! Now I don't know if that was in response to my recent post, or if it's a competitor abusing the system. But [...]

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