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>Why Advertising Does Not Work

>Flicking through the TV channels last night, I heard a rather interesting theory which went on to explain that advertising may not actually work.I forget exactly how the explanation of that theory goes (think it's called Game Theory, created by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern in 1944), but I do know how it was [...]

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>Scottish Glaziers AC Yule And Son Collapses

>Scottish glazing firm AC Yule has become yet another established name to fall victim to the harsh economic climate. The company announced it has been placed in administration with KPMG, putting 211 jobs at risk. Here is the full article, from the site Scottish glazing firm AC Yule and Son has collapsed into administration, with [...]

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>Economic Woe Tightening It’s Grip

>Details released by Insight Data show that they have quarantined 847 companies which have changed their details, moved or have become completely unreachable.For all the efforts made by companies to stay afloat, the dire trading conditions are obviously still proving too much for many to handle. My feeling is that more than 847 companies will have [...]

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>Nationals Still Misleading Customers

>I read a 3 day old thread on in which a customer explains that a national company told him that the other two local companies couldn't possibly have A rated windows as only they (Anglian) and Everest are the only ones who have that rating.After years of energy rated windows being very widely available, and at [...]

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>Lister’s View On Veka’s Purchase Of Bowater

>Here is Lister's response to Veka's purchase of the Bowater group:We have been expecting Bowater to be bought for some months now as market share and demand for construction products including windows has been shrinking in the UK and a smaller more consolidated industry with far fewer systems companies is inevitable.Bowater is viewed as a [...]

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>Veka’s Official Announcement Of Bowater Takeover

>VEKA Plc has announced the acquisition of Bowater Building Products in a move which will further strengthen VEKA’s market position within the UK industry during its 25th anniversary year of manufacturing in the UK.Dave Jones, VEKA Managing Director commented: “VEKA is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bowater Building Products. As many of us in [...]

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>Official: Veka Have Bought Bowater Systems

>After days of huge speculation and rumor, it has been announced today that Veka have bought Bowater Systems.The announcement comes after days of speculation, both here and on the Twittersphere, about whether the deal was done. Well, via a couple of sources, plus three Twitter accounts now saying the same information, it's clear to see that this [...]

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>Another Casualty

>Conservatory roof manufacturer Amdega has been placed into administration and is to be closed down due to lack of interest and no chance of sale.This is the report from Firmin and Brian Green from KPMG’s Restructuring practice have been appointed as joint administrators to Amdega, the Darlington based upmarket conservatory manufacturer and supplier.As there [...]

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>Ridiculous Guarantee!

>How desperate are Everest to get the sales in?In their most recent advertising campaign, they are celebrating 46 years in business. For 46 days they are offering a 46% discount, and get this...a 46 year guarantee!!The 46% discount is stupid enough. People aren't going to fall for such a specific number, you should only do [...]

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>Reduced Profits For CR Smith

>Dunfermline-based CR Smith has reported a profit of just £135,000 for 2010, 80% down from the £672,000 recorded in 2009.Gerard Eadie, who has run the fmaily business since 1977, is planning to invest £600,000 in new vehicles, after investing £562,000 previously in new IT systems and a showroom revamp. Also in the plans is the [...]

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>Safestyle Fined £22,000 For Cold Calling

>Finally we have a bit of justice handed out! Safestyle UK have just been fined £22,000 for four years of harassment by way of sending canvassers to John Wigmore. The full report is below: A FIRM was landed with a £22,000 legal bill last night after a householder plagued by its door-to-door cold-callers won a landmark hearing.Double glazing [...]

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>The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

>Things are tough out there. Very tough. From speaking to people in shops and businesses, from what people are saying on websites and forums, and from what the experts on TV say, trading conditions have got considerably worse. Customer confidence has all but evaporated now. Minimal bank lending has stopped people's home improvement projects. Wage freezes [...]

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