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>Company Ratings A Risky Move?

>The Double Glazing Forum has put a section on it's website where people can rate double glazing companies on various areas of their experience with them: Now, from previous experiences, this could be risky. It could be something they completely ignore, or could get quite touchy about it. Personally, I wouldn't like my company [...]

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>Companies House

>What a good website companies house is. If you have any suspicions of local competitors going bust, you can always go on to their website, search for the company name and (providing they are a limited company, which most are), you will be able to find what situation the company is actually in. Plus other [...]

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>The Panic Button Is Pressed Down Hard

>I get the distinct feeling that over the last few days and weeks the panic (or at least the 'worry quite severely') button has been firmly pressed. The reason? Well I've come to this conclusion from what people in different industries have said to me.The GlassTalk forum has been deep in discussion about manufacturing price [...]

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>It’s Just A Job

>Customer's regularly tell me: 'the other salesman just didn't seem interested'.This is a problem for our industry, and is caused by two things. The first is the basic wage. While a basic wage gives the cushion incase the salesman has a bad week, it breeds low motivation. I'm only paid on what I sell, totally [...]

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>Bankruptcy Figures Down In February

> has released the monthly figures of bankrupt companies for February and they have come down to 168, from January's 192. The more and more we look at the lists that get realeased, the more we have to realise that the companies listed on there are not all double glazing companies. We don't really have [...]

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>Talking Crap

>Looks like the nationals will say anything in order to get business, even if it is complete bullshit. I quoted a customer where I was up against Safestyle, and the customer told me that Safestyle informed him that only the big three national companies (Anglian and Everest being the other two) use argon gas filled units.To [...]

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>Synseal Gets Bought Out…Aagin

>Today's big announcement was Synseal completing a MBO, and merging with global private equity firm H.I.G. Capital Ltd. Part of the statement released read:The management team of Synseal announced today that it had purchased the share capital of Synseal Extrusions Ltd and Allerford Holdings Ltd from Gary Dutton MBE for an undisclosed sum.The successful culmination [...]

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>Stupid Sales Gimmicks

>I don't know if it's just me, but some of the sales gimmicks going around over the past 12-18 months have been getting slowly more rediculous.Recently, Coral have been advertising 'Free' 42" HD TV's if you place an order with them. Doesn't seem to rediculous you may think, if the customer buys a conservatory the [...]

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>National Companies Create False Customer Hopes

>Recently we have seen campaigns by Everest and Anglian Home Improvements advertising their own scrappage schemes. From their point of view, the campaign to get the government to introduce a scrappage scheme design to benefit the double glazing industry provided the perfect advertising gimmick, and no doubt it may have swung a few customer's their [...]

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>Bankruptcy Numbers Up In December

>December's figures for companies going bust went up to 195 from 176 (figures courtesy of in November. Not much of an increase you may think, but with the bad weather that came early this month, and many tax bills to be paid by the end of January, I think we can expect a big rise for [...]

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